Civil Litigation

The attorneys of Hunt Jeppson & Griffin, LLP have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in hundreds of lawsuits, in both California and Federal courts. Not only do our attorneys have significant trial experience, they have also represented clients in a number of appellate matters.

Despite our firm’s significant litigation experience, Hunt Jeppson & Griffin, LLP emphasizes a holistic approach to our client’s needs. We recognize that, in addition the pending legal matter, our clients have many more things going on in their lives and their businesses. We believe that business people, particularly small business owners, are rarely well-served by being distracted by litigation instead of running their businesses. We understand that lengthy, time-consuming and expensive litigation is frequently not in the best interests of our clients and, to the extent possible, we recommend to our clients and attempt early and favorable resolution of such disputes. Unlike many other attorneys who view settlement as capitulation, we believe that litigation is usually much better for the attorney than the client, and we choose to focus our attention on what is best for the client.

Nonetheless, it is frequently necessary or advantageous to pursue litigation where favorable settlement is just not possible. In such cases, the attorneys of Hunt Jeppson & Griffin, LLP are serious and aggressive litigators who stand ready to prosecute your claims, or defend you, vigorously in both state and Federal courts.


We at Hunt Jeppson & Griffin, LLP frequently encounter those who have attempted to represent themselves in court. Civil litigation is encumbered by thousands of common and arcane rules of civil procedure that must be followed, at the risk of being monetarily sanctioned by the court. Only experienced litigation attorneys can represent you properly through the procedural maze. Similarly, the vast majority of litigation attorneys do not practice in Federal courts—where yet different rules of procedure apply. The attorneys of Hunt Jeppson & Griffin, LLP have years of experience in both state and Federal courts, and can readily navigate the procedural hurdles one encounters in civil litigation.


If you are currently involved in litigation, or if you are considering filing litigation, it is crucial that you seek legal advice immediately. In every aspect of civil litigation, there are time limits for doing certain things, none more important than numerous statutes of limitation which require you to file your lawsuit within a specified period of time after you have the right to do so. Failure to meet these time limits, and particularly failure to file your lawsuit within the time allotted, may cause you to lose valuable legal rights—including the right to bring your lawsuit at all.

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